Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nazri did that for PM?

Those who have not read fully the criticisms by Mingguan Malaysia's Awang Selamat on 26 September 2010 against Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and only read his reply published by The Star on 27 September will have the impression that Utusan Malaysia was racist.

The Star had succeeded in accomplising this vile intent since most of its readers did not read Mingguan Malaysia.The newspaper spinned Nazri's words and made it look like he meant Utusan "would take a long time to accept that Malaysia belonged to all races."

Nazri said, "...to be a Malaysian one need not necessarily be anti Malay."

Awang Selamat did not question if Nazri had wanted to feel like a Malay or Malaysian, but it only drew attention to the latter's attitude, which apparently received praise from the DAP and the Chinese press to the extent that he was elevated to the status of a superhero who swooped from the sky.

Nazri went on to belittle Utusan Malaysia by saying that Awang was narrow-minded and his views were only suitable for the 60s.

Without regards to the sentiments of the people, Nazri arrogantly proclaimed that he only worked for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib, who had appointed him with consent from His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

Consequently, the question that arose in the mind of the Malays was whether the Prime Minister did actually direct him to run down Utusan Melayu and paint an ugly image of the vernacular newspaper among the non-Malays.

So, if Nazri is of the opinion that Utusan Melayu was representative of the mindset of the 60s, why then would the opposition parties of the 21st century feel intimidated and in collussion try not only to isolate it, but worse, to use Nazri to hide the true face of non-Malays by saying that Utusan Melayu was racist.


Semut Api said...

I know that deep down Nazri has a very patriotic feeling towards the Malay. And Loyal to his leader. That is why since he appears to be having major differences with PERKASA and Utusan, two Malay bastions, he could be a hindrance to Najib's effort to consolidate Malay siport. I would suggest that Nazri offer to resign to PM. A vital decision by Najib on his offer could determine whether he is a liability or an asset to Najib's team..

Nazri should offer to resign.

Anonymous said...

I dont want malaysian ministers to "PLAY SAFE" all the time. Do your job and tow the Government Policies. Above all do your job to elevate the country (malaysian).

BUT we dont want ministers who "shoot from the hip", least of all with seemingly stupid remarks.

I have yet to see one politically correct malay supporting this fellow.

Ever heard the term Amrican Indian, Indian American or Asian Amrican. Stupid fellow cant differntiate between the malay from tanah melayu hence malay malaysian and those that make malaysia their country hence malaysian chinese, indian etc...

Malaysain Malaysia is made up of malay malaysian, malaysian chinese, malaysian indian and all other dinomination is between.

Dont agree?

Malay 1st Malaysian 2nd laa...BODOH, tak faham lagi ke?

Anonymous said...

Yb Nazri sudah jadi YB 'dead wood'.Tukang salak mana-mana PM sahaja.Apa jasanya terhadap Melayu dan Negara...siapa-siapa tolong bagi tahu ..