Friday, August 20, 2010

This is the land of the Malays, a people who willingly shared this land with you...

The Malays have for long been accommodating.

Without question this has always been the case since the days, of the Melaka Sultanate, and if you insist, during the days of the Bruas Empire or the scattered civilisations around Gunung Jerai, in particular Lembah Bujang.

Yes, the Indians, too, came here a long time ago, but upon arriving here, whom did they convert? The Malays, right? So, who were here first?

And, so against this background arose various arguments from the Chinese and Indians insisting with evidence 'concocted' and 'bended' for convenience with the help of sympathetic foreign historians, that they can now claim to have their roots here much longer than we Malays. What crap are they talking about?

And after decades of living in relative peace through the trials, tribulations and turmoils of nationhood, their real inner selves now rear its ugly head.

Forget the social contract, forget the accommodating stance of the host race, shove everything aside and blatantly demand equality, despite the fact that 'equality' in the context of this land is, invariably, weighed against what has been agreed upon the formation of this land we call Tanah Melayu (Malaysia).

Haven't you taken enough that you need to brush aside the fledgling roots of the Malays who only want to struggle up to a level that is equal? What you are doing now is just like running a race with a group of one-legged runners.

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