Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RPK's belated bravado over the Viet boat people in the 70s

kampung folks helping some of the boat people

Pure lies, what RPK wrote in his latest posting in Malaysia Today.

He revisited the plight of the Vietnamese refugees in Terengganu in the 70s.

Among other things he claimed the Kuala Terengganu OCPD personally ordered his people to pick out good looking Vietnamese girls from the stricken boats for his harem, while the others were raped by villagers and dumped under oil rigs to cling precariously on the high seas.

Perhaps, there were incidences of pillage and rape by pirates, but why point it at the Terengganu folks point blank?

Why didn't RPK speak out then, when according to him he was there and could give first hand account!

Perhaps, he may say there was no internet then...but is that just an excuse or plain apathy. Why only now?

Before jumping to conclusion after reading his nasty accusations, readers may want to approach the UNHCR, of which this blogger was a volunteer, most times based at Campbell Complex, KL at the time to send hundreds of the poor souls to Canada.

On the whole, we found the kampung folks in Terengganu were very accommodating and helped the stricken refugees wherever they could.

And what about getting the true picture from former residents of Pulau Bidong now in various western countries or back and resettled in their homeland?

Excerpt from an account of their plight from this site:

"...Death came in different stages of the trip. Many boats sank after they had been seen but ignored by passing-by ships. Many boats had already reached the shores of Thailand or Malaysia, but were forced to leave again at gun point, then sank after that. Aside from death, gang rape by Thai and Malaysian pirates was another suffering. Statistics by UNHCR for the 3 years 1981 to 1983 showed that on average, 66% of the boats were attacked by pirates. Last but not least, many beautiful young girls were kidnapped by pirates...On the other hand, Thailand and Malaysia also hosted many refugee camps..."

From Vietka.com (here):

"...We were desperate and exhausted. Suddenly on the seventh day at night, my boat came to shore. We did not know where this place was until the police came and we knew we had arrived in Malaysia. After that, they took us to Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp; it was a small island of Malaysia. Now I thought that my story was too good to be true. I stayed at a refugee camp for about nine months, then I came to Australia under my brother's sponsorship. I arrived in Melbourne in the spring of 1985. I felt very strange when I got the bus from Melbourne airport to the Midway Hostel, I saw many things. The traffic, the houses, the life were all different to my country and many gardens filled with beautiful flowers. I started to learn about the Australian way of life..." - By Vuong Thanh Loc

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Anonymous said...

kali ni ambo harus kato RPK tak betul. Ambo dulu penoh jumpa satu bot orang Vietnam masa mancing tengah laut. Ambo tengok banyak nelayan melayu bantu dia orang bagi makanan dan air minum.