Monday, May 31, 2010

Reactions from Jews to the Zionist Commando Attack on Humanitarian Flotilla

"Shame on us the children of Holocaust survivors... how can we be proud of our army who could not face the hizbullah in Lebanon and now wants to show its might..."- American Jew

"I know you control the US by blackmail and bribery, and thus think you can do as you wish. But the Occupation is illegal, attacking vessels in what everyone else considers to be international waters is piracy if not indeed an act of war, and Israel, seen by nearly the entire world as a bully, would have done better to permit the flotilla to deliver its cargo. Increasing numbers of Americans are learning about the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty; that spy Jonathan Pollard is a hero to many Israelis; and of the Israeli role in the 9-11 attacks. Good luck without the support of America, fellahs." - Richard Waid

"The aid convoy was in international waters at the time the murders happened. Congratulations Israel. You never cease to amaze. "- Ryan

"Reaches new heights. Israel's future is in doubt when idiots like this lead the country."- Jerry

Congratulations! The IDF still knows how to kill unarmed civilians. Ethics, schmethics, anybody in defiance of Israel is a target."- Leon McIntyre

Israel converted Gaza into a modern ghetto. I cannot believe that a nation that suffered from the ravages of the Ghettos during the WW2, is doing the same less than a century after. And if there are any casualties on board those aid carrying civilian ships, Israel should pay. You are loosing the war with your own mistakes. You are killing anybody who does not think like you. You are insane"- Okan

I suppose the Israelis can just keep building more detention camps, after all, they can always have American taxpayers, like me, foot the bill"-Ray


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