Saturday, April 17, 2010

When one has to quit being a team player.

Contrast ADUN Bakar Arang Tan Wei Shu's exiting PKR with Zaid's taking PAS to court over the Hudud issue.

The question is how strong a hold one has on the team player concept. Does one, regardless of moral standing, still adhere to the team when the team's aims have obviously gone off tangent?

The spontaneous answer should be "NO!". But then, again, wherefore is conscience?

As for Zaid, it only proved that he is an opportunist, using PAS for personal glory, while Tan of Bakar Arang is completely disillusioned with PKR's double-faced position.

For Tan, he felt that he needed to stop being a team player in PKR when the team is acting more like a mob. Such a situation required careful evaluation to decide what he could or should not do.

When being a team player is defined as keeping his mouth shut, he really felt that he needed to go it alone. When being a team player is defined as never volunteering or doing anything beyond your job description, that's just a sign that the team is acting more like a herd...the solution is to keep your head up, keep moving, don't think for yourself. At times like this, you have to distinguish yourself from the herd in order to get ahead, what more as a conscientious people's representative like Tan.

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