Friday, April 30, 2010

Whats with "The Reversal of Anwar Ibrahim?"

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If the photo of Anwar as carried by The New Ledger is not telling enough of tales of connivance and unsavoury schemes, the following excerpt is all the more revealing:

"The sad truth is that we shouldn’t be surprised by Ibrahim’s descent into anti-Americanism or anti-Semitism. When he told CNN that “stoking the flames of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism is a good distraction,” he wasn’t condemning: he was observing and prescribing.

This is not the first time Ibrahim has gone down this road: he has a history of Jew-baiting when expediency calls for it. To pick just one example, in 2008, with Malaysian elections approaching, he casually tossed out this charge in an interview with IslamOnline: “I have evidence proving that the government is backing the Jewish lobby in the U.S. and some parties inside Israel.” (To the credit of the Malaysian electorate, Ibrahim’s opposition coalition failed to win a majority in that election.)"

Think about it...

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Anak Perelih said...

ikut apa yg rachel motte tulis, najib dah jadi agen/balaci amerika... patut demo sokong rakyat mesir di kedutaan amerika di tembak dgn water canon dan tear gas.... jangan dicalar kedutaan amerika....