Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are Malay Special Rights a form of discrimination or oppression? No...

Most non-Malays in BN component parties as well as the Opposition agree that Article 153 of the Federal Constitution SPEAKS of Malay rights & the social contract.

But, no, in agreeing that such a caveat is stipulated in the Article, they by no means accept those entrenched rights since they are also reading Article 8 (2) on how no Malaysians can be discriminated on, with regards to religion or race. Based on this, they stress that all Malaysians who love the country must put aside personal and vested agendas and work towards the commonalities in diversity, i.e. promote similarities rather than conflict.

What does that mean? Given that race and religions are different, what is the meaning of this? What similarities are we talking about?

Although all faiths stress on non-discrimination, what do we call when one religion champions its faith exclusively (which is mandatory according to the pillars of its respective beliefs), or when a particular religion forbids this and that, which are accepted by other faiths? Isn't that  tantamount to discrimination?

Semantics or polemics in whatever guises, if we are to call a spade a spade, it will invariably point to discrimination - where the actual meaning of discrimination read together with the call for the followers of a faith to practice non-discrimination clearly points to DISCRIMINATION.

So, are they referring to oppression when the Malays & Muslims of Malaysia demand their entrenched special rights under the Constitution? Do we need to split hairs and interpret the implementation of Malay special rights as oppression? Please...       

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