Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whats with Anwar and his barrage of APCO's "undoings?"

Whats with Anwar's tenuous effort at trying to look for scruples with regards to the APCO thing?

Whats the big deal if APCO had a hand in conceptualizing 1Israel?

APCO is an American company. Its client base is is an apolitical international business although its jobs may include strategising political strategies or team building efforts in the likes of 1Israel or 1Msia.

Need one look at politics before making purchases? Perhaps...but on the main in today's world many will not give a hoot because like dirty money going through 'cleansing' dirty money being generated through non Islamic riba' based systems, the end product is open to debate.

And what about our support for Arsenal and McDonald's which have strong support links to Zionism? Even Osama Ben Laden is a staunch supporter of Arsenal!...and we gobble down Big Macs day in and day out!

What about Coca Cola, Nokia, Wonderbra, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Aramis, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, KitKat, KFC, Armani, etc?

We fly the world on airlines serving alcohol, we use computers with some technologies coming out of Israel, etc...What gives?

Such questions ought to be put our "nawaitu" to support Islam's enemies or to bring together Malaysia in a healthy manner, sans being blinkered by various regressive issues?

All these is in stark contrast to the downright sneaky and dangerous (to the ummah and country) actions he (Anwar) got embroiled in by "sleeping" with the Zionist war monger Wolfowitz and his cohorts.

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