Friday, March 19, 2010

After Michael Danby & Paul Martin …now Jeremy Corby for Anwar: a ménage a trois?

Anwar brags in his blog that Jeremy Corby the British Labour MP for London's Islington North constituency is BEHIND him over the sodomy II case.

Hmm, BEHIND indeed, I presume?

And so, by putting in an "Early Day Motion" at the House of Commons last Monday, Jeremy called for the Malaysian Government to drop all charges against Anwar, as well as to stop what he sees as attempts at putting undue pressure on Pakatan MPs.

Prior to this Anwar boasted support from former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin. The Canadian online news portal "The Globe and Mail" quoted him as saying,"as a democratic nation which respects international laws and basic human rights, Anwar should be allowed the freedom to implement his vision."

Similarly, much earlier in Australia, Michael Danby had rallied a group of renegade Aussie MPs to press Malaysia to drop the charges

There's a pattern of intrigue here...

Despicable it is - Anwar's propensity to lobby for foreign support to fight for his case in sodomy is one thing but asking the judicial procedure of a sovereign nation to be bent is too much.

Back to that British MP from Islington North, it is well known that his favourite causes at Westminster also include fighting for gay rights in Britain.

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