Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wyathamoorthy's despicable call...

And so Hindraf's Wyathamoorthy called for 'peace loving Malaysians' to attend a vigil at a church on January 13. Does he realise what he is doing?

'Masterwordsmith's reply to this desperate fellow's appeal posted in Malaysia Today, which I have reproduced here is apt as an answer-back...

I appeal to all Malaysians NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT because it irrational and illogical to organize such an event in the light of the circumstances and also for the following reasons:

1. The SUBJECT HEADING of the letter is mischievous and gives the impression that all who attend also subscribe to the same allegation which by itself is provocative and does nothing for national unity or to defuse the tension in the air. In fact, it fans the flames of anger and other negative sentiments.

2. The STATE-SPONSORED part of the letter could implicates any state and is again most questionable as it could arouse negative sentiments. If you want to organize a candle light vigil which is usually a peaceful event, why go this direction to fan racist and negative sentiments which completely negates the original purpose of a vigil? Under such circumstances, the motives would be most suspect.

3. The first sentence of the letter zeroes in on ONE component party of the BN which is provocative, adds fuel to the fire and does NOTHING whatsoever to improve the situation. Imagine how UMNO members would react and it is likely that the police, in a bid to maintain security and in obedience to higher authorities, would be doing their usual acts at the event.

4. We are trying to mitigate the damage and to infuse the air with inter-denominational understanding, tolerance, harmony, forgiveness, reconciliatory talks etc etc but here they are with a call FROM SOMEONE WHO CANNOT EVEN BE PRESENT AT THE VIGIL HIMSELF to citizens to compromise their personal safety and security under circumstances which would definitely exacerbate the situation as rightly pointed out by commenters for this post, including NSTPravda's timely reminder that candle lights are inherently incendiary and may cause arson!!!

5. All Malaysians can partake in peaceful prayers in their respective places of worship or in other activities such as signing online petitions or starting donation drives or other peaceful means without the necessity of participating in such an event that invites trouble big time. We need no protests, no demonstrations, no walks or candle light vigils BUT lots of patience, tolerance, wisdom, prayers, understanding, positive vibes and intelligent strategies.

6. If indeed the writer wants us to be peace loving and democratic minded Malaysian brothers and sisters as stated in his letter, the tone and style of the missive would not be so confrontational that demonstrates the lack of sensitivity to people of the Muslim faith.


Thank you.

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