Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pakatan's togetherness is not about Anwar anymore

It may be imminent that Anwar Ibrahim is going to jail for the sodomy II case, but then again,many believe it is not about the man but what Anwar represents. This is what Lim Kit Siang was hinting at when he said today Pakatan will still go forward without Anwar.

Who will replace him? No one looks likely at the moment, given the simmering but obvious differences between the opposition partners in Pakatan. However, if one reads the situation between the lines, the light is shining on Kit Siang himself and DAP by proxy, as the de facto leader of the pact.

The Common Policy Framework, CPF, agreed by Pakatan is in effect preparing the pact without a figurehead.

The focus is on the non Malay voters with Pakatan's populist war cry at their heart...and of course this can change if the perceived ominous spectre of the encroaching grounds of the non-Malays which rides on the high horse of 1Malaysia remains as a threat.

1Malaysia is great but it is a double edged sword cutting both ways for the well as the non-Malays.There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the path to a sedate settlement is far and trying for Malaysia.

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