Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whats with Nazri Aziz, the not-so-honourable Minister in-charge of Parliament?

It was bad enough when he was so prone to spew idiotic statements that in most cases were nothing more than transparent attempts at coddling his colleagues in the Government. Most times his superficial remarks, which border on stupidity, like calling other honourable MPs ‘idiots’ only speak of his shallowness as a minister, not to say a lawyer to boot (pun intended!)

In the latest development, we suddenly see this self affirming character riding on the crest of plaudits from opposition stalwarts in parliament for helping to carry the battering ram against the National Civics Bureau (BTN), which happens to be an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department.

It is not so surprising to hear the Minister in charge of KPI Datuk Seri Idris Jala throwing the net over BTN based on blind reports from detractors and opposition supporters within the Government who disliked the way the courses were run, although in reality there was nothing wrong. The only concern was the polarisation of ideas within the context of the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia concept.

Here, it is again a question of perception and understanding. Following Idris Jala’s take on BTN, which saw him suggesting a reorganisation of the bureau, Selangor’s Pakatan Government was swift to jump on the band wagon to grind it to the ground with further allegations that offered reasons to initiate a banning of the state’s civil servants and students from attending nation-building courses conducted by BTN.

Going back to Nazri, it was indeed a surprise for a member of the ruling party to go against the grain in parliament. It was either there was no prior discussion over the matter, or Nazri went out on a lone populist crusade to collect points from the opposition or for some other reasons.

Are we to believe the words and mindset of Nazri Aziz? I say not. Let us recall the embarrassment to the country over the lock-up detainee abuse scandal (also known as Squatgate) involving allegations of abuse of detainees (initially Chinese citizens) under the care of the police. After the Government despatched a minister to apologise the incident, it was discovered that the victim was not a Chinese national but a Malaysian woman.

The Parliamentary Human Rights Caucus, led by Nazri Aziz did not hesitate to condemn the action without prior investigation. For some reasons, Nazri was quick to come to the defence of what he mistakenly took for a Chinese damsel in distress in Malaysia. He was grossly wrong! So much for credibility.

And now, we hear of Nazri insisting that the BTN was, indeed, provoking racists sentiments in its courses. Despite testimonies from other ministers of the agency’s propriety, Nazri insisted that it was not the case.  Subsequently, he went on to announce that BTN would be revamped, attributing it to a decision taken by the cabinet earlier. And when Minister in-charge of BTN, Datuk Ahmad Maslan corrected that it would only be an upgrade of course contents, Nazri fired back saying it was a revamp no less. Why such a strident stance when besides unfounded remarks based on the allegations by skewed interpretations of the courses by a disgruntled few, there was not a thread of hard evidence that points to impropriety.

Therefore, only an irrational mind would want to accept and believe a character such as Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. 

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