Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anwar to be tried for Sodomy II January 11

The High Court has inherent powers to set aside the charge against Anwar but ruled that he must prove his claims of bad intent and political conspiracy on the part of the A-G's office.

Judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah dismissed PKR adviser's bid to strike out the sodomy charge

Zabidin added that it was up to the prosecution to decide how they wanted to prove penetration occurred.

Anwar, a  62-year-old grandfather stands accused of sodomy for the second time in his life; this time, it is with a former male aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 24.

Trial has been fixed the trial to be from January 25 to February 25 next year.

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Pemerhati said...

If the prosecution can show that Anwar's semen was found in Saiful's anus, then it is beyond doubt that penetration did occur.
If the semen of Anwar was found elsewhere say on the bedsheets then Anwar can say that he did sleep on the bed and must have unknowingly ejaculated his semen in some dream. The same can be said about the presense of Saiful's semen on the bedsheet. The DNA test cannot determine wether the semen samples were ejaculated at the same time or at different times.
So there you are stupid Sivarasa, I also can be a better defence lawyer than you. If you use my line of defence I'll ask Anwar for some remuneration!