Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is human rights only applicable to non-Muslims?

“My challenge to YB Siva, I dare you to step down within 24 hours as Vice President and we contest one to one. Let the PKR members decide whether defending and upholding Islam and the Muslim rights is or is not the party policy.

“If I lost then I am more than willing to leave PKR, for a party that do not defend and uphold Islam and the Muslim rights is not the party that I should be associated with,” he said in a statement today.

Zul’s statement is believed to be referring to liberal views expressed by Sivarasa and other leaders within the party who are pushing for a moderate image for the party.

But to the Kulim MP, these leaders often try impose their views as the dominant and guiding ideology of the party at the expense of suppressing the views of others such as himself.

“I want to ask YB Siva and the like of him, what does he mean when he said by toeing the party policy. Whose policy is he talking about? His policy? Is defending the right of Islam and the Muslim against the policy of PKR?

“All that I have defended and fought for are the rights of Islam and the Muslims. Is that a sin in PKR? Does human rights meant only rights of others, and Muslim has no say at all but to take everything hands down...”


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