Sunday, November 29, 2009

BTN inciting racist sentiments? How many many riots have the Malays launched?

DAP wants BTN syllabus to be decided by the public.What kind of request is that? They know that BTN can produce its
syllabus to prove the allegations wrong, but failing to pin the bureau down at that, they now demand the contents be approved and chosen by public, i.e. themselves.

They may think the public has forgotten but in 1969 DAP was the main racial instigator.  One has to be naive and blind not to see that DAP is a very thinly diguised racial movement.

If indeed BTN courses have been inciting racial hatred, by now millions of people would have died from racial violence in Malaysia, tragedies like those that took place in the Congo, Nigeria, even in the southern borders of the USA. We dont have that in Malaysia.But perhaps when and if the likes of DAP come into power the country could become like that?  Just because the non-Malays in the main prefer to work for themselves rather than join the public sector or the uniformed organisations, they pick on such bodies...why blame others?

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