Thursday, October 8, 2009

You want to vote for an impotent opposition in Bagan Pinang? Think again...

Already trashed?

There is no such thing as an Opposition Front or Pakatan Rakyat...yet the people are cheated into thinking there is such a thing. Is it any wonder there is friction between PAS & DAP in Selangor, Penang and Perak?  Let me ask the leaders of PAS to ask themselves...what have you gained so far? Your supporters deliver the works at every by election, yet after that what have you gained? And what benefits are there for those who support PAS?

Since the last General Elections in 2008, do we realise that the majority of defections have been from the Opposition parties ? This has happened in Kedah, Selangor and of course, in Perak. What does this show? For one thing, even their candidates have not been properly scrutinised. And to think that Anwar Ibrahim had at one time threatened to form a new Federal government with defections from is is obvious he was simply calling a bluff. Remember he had promised a new government in September 2008? What happened? Nothing materialised, and instead the opposite has happened since then. I can assure they are fully aware there are many others on their side just waiting to leave the so-called pact of hate. 

The Opposition leaders have given a lot of lip service to the idea of a more democratic scenario ...but can we not see the stark reality? Dr. Hassan Ali of Selangor is now faced with a real possibility of being expelled from the Exco. And that is just one example. Where is this democracy they talk about?

Let's not forget their boss is now facing a court trial for an unnatural crime....he is trying everything,including lobbying his masters in the West, to try to postpone the court hearing. Why? What is he scared of? So, should we accept a leader who cant even face trial in court? What kind of leader is this who will label anything and everything as bad when he is under threat? He labels all democratic elections in our country as did he win his first elections in 1982? Perhaps he rigged it, too. Perhaps he also rigged the UMNO party elections and subsequently rose so quickly that it caused a major internal crisis in UMNO - a crisis that gave rise to Semangat 46.

Have we forgotten all these? 

People who speak with forked tongues should not be accepted. They think they are leaders but what kind of leaders are these when they make promises they do not intend to keep?  Should we believe Nizar if he says PAS has no intentions of forming an Islamic state? He even claimed it was not in the party's (PAS's) constitution. Yet on the other, we recently read about PAS's spiritual advisor Nik Aziz unashamedly announcing that all those who did not vote for PAS would not go to Heaven. Can we ask him then if he thinks his friends in DAP cannot go to Heaven, too? How does he know?  And we have also read about Karpal's suggestion that Anwar should repent....but has Anwar repented? If the answer is not yet, what is Karpal going to do about it? Why does Karpal still remain within this so-called union of the most unikely bed-fellows? Sheesh, they are great actors and pretenders. So, realistically, why should anyone with the right frame of mind vote such people into power? Do not let such people insult your intelligence.

If the PAS candidate wins this Bagan Pinang seat, tell me frankly how will it strengthen PAS? Can this one win make PAS sit in the Exco? Can it be effective in the State Legislative Assembly? What difference will it make? Do you want to elect someone who can be an effective representative of the people in the state government or will you choose a candidate to make him sit in an impotent opposition at the state level?

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