Thursday, October 15, 2009

Siege mentality is ok...

Khairy calls for the Malays to discard seige mentality?

Is it really siege mentality or an accepted form of modern survival (of the fittest)?

All countries and societies are not devoid of seige mentality. The rationale of having a standing army,ethnic laws, and right wing (or left wing political parties) to protect certain interests (openly or discreet) only show their state of mind.

Perhaps, Khairy as a person has yet to realise the pattern of offensives perpetrated by the non-Malays?

The fact tht we have UMNO, MCA, MIC, Makkal Sakti, and the NGOs focused on protecting certain things is evidence of the presence of siege mentality...western classical utopian ideas much dwelled and glorified at ivy league universities, Oxford and Cambridge are all but just lofty dreams of dreamers...

It is not such a mentality that pulls down or stops some Malays from progressing, it is their lethargy in the all out pursuit of excellence and the pandered mindset.

Siege mentality is even thicker within the Chinese and Indian societies. Just look at the various clans within the sino creed and the caste system among Hindus. More  often than not, defensive stance taken by these clans only reflect their aversion to the perceived or real incursions into their turf.

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