Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The political ogre in our midst

Anwar: Some say he is an enigma. Some say his ways are a paradox, but I'd not hesitate to categorically state that he is a political ogre and a hypocrite.

Lets ask why and how he was readily admitted into UMNO from merely being a maverick and impetuous student leader that he was in the 70s.

Once in UMNO and the Government, his scheming ways soon found the creation of an inner circle of young but greedy Malay entrepreneurs and instant corporate types, being nurtured and manipulated by equally greedy Chinese godfathers who's devious track records are open for inspection across Asia..

These instant millionaires and billionaires pandered to his ambitions and grand design, while the people who had placed trust in him were deceived.

When everything came crashing own when he tripped on his sexual indiscretions, the devious schemer that is Anwar Ibrahim swiftly put to work all the strategies he had put in place and nurtured - strategies that covered anything from outright corruption to the selling of the country's soul to the devil.

Now that Anwar is riding high on the back of the Opposition, he found it easy to deceive all sides with his chameleon-like expertise. He never hesitated to walk the grounds of populism, promising hope when there is none, sowing discontent and breeding hatred.

A facet that many failed to ask or notice is while staunchly accusing the govt of sidelining democratic principles and lashing out at the judiciary with diatribes that run the spectrum of being kangaroo-like, affecting different sets of laws for friends and foes, he, nevertheless still hold on to those very democratic and judicial principles by partaking of the elections and resorting to the same legal system which he condemns.

Hence, we see the hypocrite, the diseased chameleon and the evil that he is...

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