Sunday, October 18, 2009

The factor in PKR's confused state of mind & Azmin's siege mentality...

Pakatan and pro-opposition bloggers were swift to invoke damage control as regards the latest developments in East Malaysia.

At the the centre of the controversy was Zaid Ibrahim, who was also rapidly moved into the middle of the cross hairs courtesy of the PKR chapters of Sabah and Sarawak...or so it seemed.

As the saga unfolded, detracting fingers immediately came up to point at Azmin Ali. Well, it is surely not by chance that his name was summoned to pit against Zaid Ibrahim. His feelings of insecurity for whatever reasons have always been at the core of many problems when it comes to matters relating to PKR's leadership.

Just look at Selangor. Observe how it was Azmin, whos name was revealed as the source of many a disgruntlement relating to MB Khalid Ibrahim. Using guerrilla political tactics, Azmin has sharpened his 'killing' skills to saturate the ground before making the coup de grace.

The same is happening in Sabah and Sarawak. Zaid's presence and prominence with regards to appearances in both states had again turned up the hairs behind Azmin's rubber neck. Just watch as the scene unfolds...the scheming character that is Azmin Ali only tells of the greed and skulduggery within Anwars PKR.

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