Friday, October 30, 2009

The Badrul Hisham fiasco...really, Khalid?

It is all too easy to connect the dotted lines and say Badrul was bought over by BN...

But looking at the jealousies and infighting elsewhere in PKR, one should be cautioned to the fact that the integrity of that party, its leaders and its stalwarts is not beyond reproach. Hence, it is naturally accepted that Badrul and the others of his ilk may have really valid reasons for their fall from grace.  You mean to say that once they are in  PKR and inducted in the perceived hallowed but sneaky halls of Pakatan, they cant get out? Just reminds me of that runaway 70s hit by Eagles, 'Hotel California,' when the give away last line of the lyrics said, "...You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!"

There may be many interpretations to the whole meaning of the song - anything from simply literal to the bizarre , but back to Badrul Hisham, the rep for Port Klang, his political persona is not beholden only to PKR and Pakatan. They say '...there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics...' Well, right, this is just a an example of of the truth of that saying.

Badrul, or whoever can be perceived as jumping the people's (party's) trust, but going by the very spirit of his elevation as people's representative, what gives?

Lets get this straight. He campaigned and the end result was that members of his constituents believed in his cause, hence they gave the mandate to him to represent them. Giving mandate obviously meant that he has the right and authority to decide whats best for his constituency, even to the extend of jumping ship and swimming across to a safer vessel to fight another day for his beloved people.

Who are we to say that he had not thought out whats best for his constituents? Who are we to think that even Anwar (god forbid!) may revert to UMNO in due course?

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