Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dr Azly Rahman wants Smart Schools just for Indians...

Ponder this convoluted view coming from Dr Azly Rahman (Ph.D Columbia University). Makes one wonder if he's got his brains properly tuned.

"...First, we ask the MARA and the education ministry to go around the estates and ghettos of the major cities and into the primary schools of these areas and search for the brightest among the children of Indian origin and create special schools for them. Each state must build a school for the children.

In other words, we create Smart Schools right there in the estates and in the depressed urban areas. We teach them how to use their environmental resources intelligently and teach them what ownership of the products of their labour means. We teach the next generation that being alienated from their labour will cause human beings to suffer in this world of cut-throat corporate crony capitalism.

We can also ask major Malaysian corporations such as Petronas or Sime Darby to fund/provide these schools with the best and brightest of teachers, good facilities, good technology, good curriculum, and great teaching strategies. We create a model Ivy League or world-class education system for these kids. We should even bring in top-notch American Peace Corps teachers to help out..."


Anonymous said...

Pasei apa dia dok mengarut ni..

Anonymous said...

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