Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Be world class by kicking out world class performers!

And the 1Malaysia Formula 1 team is about to make its debut, naturally, for the glory of the country.

Kudos to that. But then why is it that on another corner we are giving the boot to another world class performer, who incidentally heads a corporation that also helps to fire the engines of the world's F1 team in Sepang? I'm talking about Hassan Merican, the highly-credible and world-class performing head honcho of Petronas.

We want to be world-class and yet we are kicking out a world class performer within our midst.

So, Omar Ong is being appointed to the Board of Petronas in spite of all the protests by the rest of the gang, and word has it that Hassan Merican is going on retirement...

Personally, I don't see this as a wise move...

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