Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anwar kowtows to his benefactor, Al Gore...

When Bush was still in office, Anwar made his way to Munich and Washington to look for Wolfowitz. When the Democrats came to power, Anwar once again made that pilgrimage to look for his old benefactor and Godfather, Al Gore. It is no secret that both Wolfowitz and Gore are staunch neo-cons. These two characters are always there for Anwar.

At approximately 2.00 a.m. on September 24 2009 (last Thursday in Malaysia), Anwar Ibrahim left for New York for a rendezvous with Al Gore (a Democrat and former U.S. Vice President). Anwar was provided with a luxury first class ticket for the trip, and, of course, he would be checking-in to a 5-star hotel (even higher if any is available) in the Big Apple. So special is Anwar to Al Gore that both would be doing somersaults for each other. Hey, Anwar even had time to watch a screening of the Hollywood version of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons," perhaps to shore up his psyche and emulate the neo-con strategies and tactics in real life.Anwar is all ready to face Gore...

Along with Anwar's other American supporters and lobbyists, including former Secretary of State, Sean McCormack and influential US diplomat,Tom Casey, Al Gore have no qualms in giving support through the good office of the White House. Gore's press statement released on August 1 2008 is case in point.

Why the need for Anwar to meet Gore again and again? What do they have to discuss?

On August 6, 2008, Anwar also met Gore in Singapore...and earlier, when he was charged with sodomy I, Al Gore wasted no time defending Anwar's ass (pun intended!) through that all-telling press statement on August 1. Going deeper, five days after Gore made the statement, a face to face closed-door meeting between the two was held in Singapore. Of course, the central topic was Anwar's posterior and its legal (illegal) position!

Officially the meeting was about Global warming, ASEAN and democracy, but unofficially it was about fomenting regional agitation and disaffection based on Anwar's behind.

On November 16 1998, Al Gore openly spoke out for Anwar in the light of sodomy I, while giving a dinner speech on the sidelines of the APEC Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, it is not surprising why Gore aggressively defended Anwar on an case that had stretched over a decade. Is Anwar's current trip to New York skewed to the same agenda? In the hallowed halls of the courts this strategy had been played many times, and, of course, it is a no brainer to figure out that this will come in useful in the run-up to Bagan Pinang for that great Malaysian global leader that Anwar is - FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS!

Then again, during the Ijok by elections on April 19 2007, Anwar was conspicuously absent, too. He was in Hong Kong. He returned a day after and campaigned in Ijok with an entourage of foreign journalists in tow. Also, some time during the Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai by elections, Anwar was in Thailand. He came back shortly into the heat of the campaign and hastily made his way to Bangkok for an exclusive press interview. During the Permatang Pauh by election, the same happened, Anwar left the country for a brief spell and only to return accompanied by former Indonesian President Gus Dur and flamboyant ex-Philippines President Estrada for his campaign tour. Why, even during the 2008 General Elections Anwar never failed to exit the country...

Is it really true that the American neo-cons is using Anwar? This time around is Anwar asking something more from Al Gore? The last time, Anwar was intimately close to that Republican, Wolfowitz. It is no secret that Anwar is closely aligned to both of the neo con characters. Is Anwar bringing Al Gore to the backwaters of Bagan Pinang to help in his campaign? Far fetched, indeed, to most people but when it comes to Anwar nothing is impossible!

Of course, Al Gore will not be short of new tips for Anwar to face his sodomy II trial. Besides Reformasi, taking refuge in the Turkish Embassy, feigning back pain, accusing injustice by the courts and orchestrating delay for his case, it will be no surprise if Anwar returns to Malaysia with a whole new bag of tricks.

Lets just watch how Anwar acts out the script edited by Al Gore and Wolfowitz in his continuing saga. How long more will all these illusions blindly mislead his gullible supporters?

Adapted from Angin Perubahan blog.

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