Friday, August 14, 2009

Will Khalid care if the people of Selangor lose?

And so Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim continues his so-called careful and effective spending ways…

Firstly, through the establishment of a land Task Force in Selangor.

On May 29 2008 Khalid announced the setting up of the Task Force, headed by YB Datuk Dr Tan Kwee Keong and Professor Datuk Nik Mohd Zain. Among the responsibilities of the said Task Force was to look into administrative weaknesses, problems of efficiency and other issues relating to land in Selangor.

The Task Force would prepare a complete report for the MB, proposing solutions aimed at improving, rehabilitating and restructuring land administration in the state of Selangor.

But, what is the problem with this Task Force?

In the first place, the appointment of its members was never discussed with the excos. It sufficed that only Khalid Ibrahim was consulted.

This means that the appointment of YB Dato Dr Tan Kwee Keong and Prof Datuk Nik Mohd Zain along with six others (a majority of which are non-Malays) was never agreed by the state excos.

Secondly, the amount of money expended by the Task Force did not make sense – RM738, 000 squandered in 3 months!

This was evident based on the salary given to Dr Tan, which amounted to RM18, 000 and RM20, 000 to Dr Nik. This means that in only three months the amount of remuneration paid to the two joint Chairmen amounted to RM114, 000.

This is what we mean when we said Khalid had been so careful and effective in his spending. Three months of implementation equalled an expenditure of hundreds of thousand. Can we imagine how many million will be spent in a year?

Thirdly, the appointment of members, majority of who are non-Malays has become the bone of contention. Why not many Malays in the Task Force, considering that the bulk of the issues involve important and confidential information relating to Malay reserve land, royal land and the like?

It is, indeed, worrying when land belonging to the Malays is managed by a majority of non-Malays. It is highly suspicious and reeks of some dark agenda, which may very well be seen as favouring the non-Malays.

Fourthly, the Task Force had gone to Singapore in an effort to get more investors from the republic to invest in Selangor. The visit, soon after becoming privy to important and confidential information on land in Selangor is so telling. The situation has given rise to speculation that Khalid Ibrahim wanted Singapore to have control over land in Selangor. What we surely know is that the cost of land will definitely soar if it is managed by a foreign concern.

Is this what they want? When land prices have escalated, who can afford to buy the buildings and real estate?

Will this not be profitable only to a certain party? Sadly, it will surely not be of benefit to the people of Selangor, but instead Singaporeans and other foreign concerns.

Hence, the setting up of this Task Force is nothing but sheer waste and only cause the people of Selangor to lose…

But, then, why should Khalid be bothered?

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