Saturday, August 29, 2009

Apathy and indifference brings us closer to anarchy...

It is no wonder that the laws of the country are being ignored by almost all and sundry. The enforcement agencies, especially the police should be more proactive in carrying out their duties. Never ignore even the minutest transgressions.

Start with the lowest denomination of the population, in particular the kids and youths we see flagrantly flouting basic laws, riding against traffic, not stopping at traffic lights, riding without crash helmets, riding recklessly and lots more. If at such tender age they view the law as unimportant, what would they grow up to be as citizens? They will view anarchism, such as street demonstrations, ridiculing elders and government as all within their rights. Thence, we see the collapse of societal structure.

At offices across the country, these youths as the nation's workforce in the private and public sectors will have no qualms about breaking rules and transgressing parameters of integrity, starting with simple abuses of departmental equipments and properties. They then graduate to corruption and disregard for duties...and the list will go on and on...

These are the roots, the basic premise that must be tackled immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Foreigners and illegals break all kinds of laws in Ampang,anarchy at scavenging,traffic lights,smoking at non smoking,overstaying,overcrowding,mobile phoning in banks,this list can go on and on.
Does anybody care ?
Do anyone see those things and object to petty anarchy which will grow to bigger things ?
Will 20,000 policemen (out of 90,000) be sufficient.
For that matter how many of our 1,300,000 civil servants are involved in enforcement ?
Are the malaysian employees of 1,900,000 foregn workers in cahoots with petty anarchy ?
Will a reduction of 200,000 foregn workers do any good when the next minute 100,000 workers from Pakistan are approved ?
HjMae Berek12.