Monday, August 31, 2009

A quarrel in the toilet in the ‘wee’ hours?


We have come thus far in the inquest on the unfortunate demise of Teoh Beng Hock.

While it is an open process with every detail carried by the media and profoundly scrutinized and analyzed by  so-po blogosphere, nevertheless things are not about to look bright at the end of the tunnel.

However, one question that needs  to be answered, no matter how innocuous or insignificant it may sound is why Teoh quarelled with Tan Boon Wah in the MACC toilet in the wee hours of that fateful morning?

Detractors may say it could have been some minor indifferences. It could have been a conflict of opinion over what Teoh should have opened up and revealed to the MACC officials, or a quarrel about how far Teoh resented being dragged into the muck that was DAP and having to be made the scapegoat and 'trustee' of devious schemes.

Then again, going by the revelations to date, the tiff in the toilet cannot just be brushed aside.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Apathy and indifference brings us closer to anarchy...

It is no wonder that the laws of the country are being ignored by almost all and sundry. The enforcement agencies, especially the police should be more proactive in carrying out their duties. Never ignore even the minutest transgressions.

Start with the lowest denomination of the population, in particular the kids and youths we see flagrantly flouting basic laws, riding against traffic, not stopping at traffic lights, riding without crash helmets, riding recklessly and lots more. If at such tender age they view the law as unimportant, what would they grow up to be as citizens? They will view anarchism, such as street demonstrations, ridiculing elders and government as all within their rights. Thence, we see the collapse of societal structure.

At offices across the country, these youths as the nation's workforce in the private and public sectors will have no qualms about breaking rules and transgressing parameters of integrity, starting with simple abuses of departmental equipments and properties. They then graduate to corruption and disregard for duties...and the list will go on and on...

These are the roots, the basic premise that must be tackled immediately.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lunas Assemblyman's action: Plausible

Well, they can allege that Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi was coerced monetarily. It is an easy conclusion among the detractors, but sentiments aside, the philosophy that underscores his pulling out of PKR is clear - at least to the level headed.

Wherefore a people's rep if the welfare of the people, especially the  the Malays, the lynch pin that binds the peoples of this land and the nation is not addressed? Only the sensible leader can see this imperative clearly...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sikap orang UMNO di Permatang Pasir amat dibanggakan...

Posting dari lokasi oleh blogger Pakatan, Zorro Umasked ini perlu direnungi semua, terutama gerombolan haprak (guna perkataan Penang, le...) yang tak habis-habis berkelakuan buruk semasa berkempen.

Kelmarin apabila Zorro dan dua lagi rakannya mendapati diri mereka tersilap berada di sebelah kumpulan BN, orang UMNO dengan senyuman memberitahu mereka tentang kesilapan itu. Zorro dan rakan-rakannya bergegas dari situ dan menuju ke sebelah di mana penyokong Pakatan berkumpul.

Dalam perjalanan mereka melihat satu adegan memalukan apabila seorang ahli Puteri UMNO yang juga tersilap lokasi, diejek, dicaci dan dicabar oleh kumpulan Pakatan tersebut.

Siapa samseng?

Syabas orang UMNO di Permatang Pasir!

Turn every pebble and look for the smallest blemish...sheesh!

So, he was struck off the Bar Council rolls, but then Secretary of the Council George Varughese said "...the finding of misconduct is personal to Rohaizat Othman, as the Disciplinary Board would not hold a lawyer liable for the actions of his/her law partner(s)."

What gives?

Its a non-issue gloated by the likes of another member of the legal fraternity, Harris Ibrahim.

Move on...lets not trip over perceived obstacles...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ahli politik bagaikan malaikat, kot?

Pekeliling kerajaan negeri Selangor menentukan lokasi dan waktu di mana pegawai-pegawai negeri dibenarkan untuk disoal siasat kini tidak lagi sah berikutan pengisytiharan Pejabat Peguam Negara.

Bagaimanapun, setelah menyorot situasi disebalik senario tersebut, blogger ini rasa terpanggil untuk mempersoalkan isi hati setiap ahli politik, tidak kira samada BN ataupun Pakatan.

Kita sering terbaca laporan penahanan ahli politik bersabit tuduhan/penyiasatan dakwaan rasuah. Takjubnya rata-rata mereka semuanya mengaku tidak bersalah belaka.

Apakah mereka semuanya malaikat? Mungkin kerana berdasarkan sistem kanun jenayah, mereka dinasihatkan oleh peguam masing-masing supaya berbuat demikian. Jika betul-betul mereka melakukan apa yang dituduh sekali pun pihak peguam akan meminta mereka menafikannya. Ini bagi memudahkan pembelaan mengenepikan tuduhan dengan apa cara sekali pun, termasuk mencari sebab-sebab berdasarkan kesilapan teknikal.

Pemikiran begini yang selari dengan budaya pembelaan di bawah undang-undang, jika dilihat dari satu perspektif jelas amat pincang, tetapi apakah alternatifnya kerana seseorang itu hanya boleh dihukum jika terbukti bersalah.


Semua penderhaka kecuali Anwar?

Akhbar online The Malaysian Insider kelmarin menyiarkan satu laporan khas berita cuba mengupas siapa itu sebenarnya penderhaka dan erti istilah penderhaka.

Antara yang disebutkan termasuk Muhyiddin Yassin, Khairy Jamaluddin, Nik Aziz dan Lim Kit Siang berdasarkan pelbagai dakwaan yang dimainkan sebagai bercanggah dengan hakikat perjuangan Malaysia sebagai satu bangsa dan 'piagam' falsafah bangsa masing-masing.

Tokoh-tokoh ini rata-rata dikatakan mempunyai agenda yang bercanggah samada dengan satu atau beberapa aspek perjuangan sejagat atau parokial di Malaysia, lantaran mereka dilabelkan (dengan tanda tanya) sebagai 'penderhaka.'

Hairannya, akhbar online itu tidak pula menyebut Anwar Ibrahim yang ketara boleh dikategorikan sebagai penderhaka kerana memecah-belahkan rakyat Malaysia, mencetuskan kekeliruan dan terus menyuburkan bibit-bibit anarkisme di merata-rata...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Will Khalid care if the people of Selangor lose?

And so Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim continues his so-called careful and effective spending ways…

Firstly, through the establishment of a land Task Force in Selangor.

On May 29 2008 Khalid announced the setting up of the Task Force, headed by YB Datuk Dr Tan Kwee Keong and Professor Datuk Nik Mohd Zain. Among the responsibilities of the said Task Force was to look into administrative weaknesses, problems of efficiency and other issues relating to land in Selangor.

The Task Force would prepare a complete report for the MB, proposing solutions aimed at improving, rehabilitating and restructuring land administration in the state of Selangor.

But, what is the problem with this Task Force?

In the first place, the appointment of its members was never discussed with the excos. It sufficed that only Khalid Ibrahim was consulted.

This means that the appointment of YB Dato Dr Tan Kwee Keong and Prof Datuk Nik Mohd Zain along with six others (a majority of which are non-Malays) was never agreed by the state excos.

Secondly, the amount of money expended by the Task Force did not make sense – RM738, 000 squandered in 3 months!

This was evident based on the salary given to Dr Tan, which amounted to RM18, 000 and RM20, 000 to Dr Nik. This means that in only three months the amount of remuneration paid to the two joint Chairmen amounted to RM114, 000.

This is what we mean when we said Khalid had been so careful and effective in his spending. Three months of implementation equalled an expenditure of hundreds of thousand. Can we imagine how many million will be spent in a year?

Thirdly, the appointment of members, majority of who are non-Malays has become the bone of contention. Why not many Malays in the Task Force, considering that the bulk of the issues involve important and confidential information relating to Malay reserve land, royal land and the like?

It is, indeed, worrying when land belonging to the Malays is managed by a majority of non-Malays. It is highly suspicious and reeks of some dark agenda, which may very well be seen as favouring the non-Malays.

Fourthly, the Task Force had gone to Singapore in an effort to get more investors from the republic to invest in Selangor. The visit, soon after becoming privy to important and confidential information on land in Selangor is so telling. The situation has given rise to speculation that Khalid Ibrahim wanted Singapore to have control over land in Selangor. What we surely know is that the cost of land will definitely soar if it is managed by a foreign concern.

Is this what they want? When land prices have escalated, who can afford to buy the buildings and real estate?

Will this not be profitable only to a certain party? Sadly, it will surely not be of benefit to the people of Selangor, but instead Singaporeans and other foreign concerns.

Hence, the setting up of this Task Force is nothing but sheer waste and only cause the people of Selangor to lose…

But, then, why should Khalid be bothered?

World should open doors to Islamic banking

By Hardev Kaur

THERE is all-round consensus and agreement that the world finance system is broken and needs mending. It is not just governments and regulators that are vulnerable to the risks created in "shadow banking" but investors, intermediaries and society at large.

Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah summed up the current situation clearly when he said that "all of us would like to believe in the system of finance, but it seems to have let us down".

The system is damaged and needs to be repaired urgently. Regulations, including those in the United States, are outmoded and need to be revamped. The conventional financial system has been found wanting. The question now is: how should the world move forward and pull itself out of the current global economic crisis?

Raja Nazrin offered an answer: "Let's put faith back in finance." There is a need for all "to work together to rebuild the trust in finance... the cornerstone of modern finance".

The challenge, he said, was "to break the vicious cycle of mistrust and greed and give the world an alternative that they can put their trust in".

In an interdependent and globalised world, countries cannot work in isolation to rebuild the system and trust. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said a clear and shared vision was needed as modern markets had become too big, too interconnected and too complex to operate on laissez faire.

By some accounts, the worst may be over. Eminent economists, including Nobel laureate Paul Krugman and economic adviser to President Barack Obama, Laura Tyson, agree that the world has pulled back from the brink. But a lot of work still needs to be done to rebuild the trust that has been lost and remodel the system.

"Trust begets trust", said Raja Nazrin, who is also "financial ambassador" for the Malaysia International Islamic Finance Centre, adding: "We must ensure that the investments we make and allow are sustainable, that they will fuel real economic activity and that the commitment of capital is met with an intention of creating real value in the economy and benefit for society."

In moving forward and seeking alternatives, the lessons from the current crisis must not be forgotten or ignored. Krugman listed five lessons: bubbles happen; the financial system is not safe; monetary policy has its limits; in a crisis, deficits can be your friend; and, Keynesian policies work.

The prime minister added a sixth: over-reliance on self-regulation is a mistake.

Regulators around the world must begin to work together "to create a comprehensive approach to ensure a compatible, sustainable and effective regulatory surveillance system" to prevent market crashes, Najib said.

He stressed that global regulators should "err on the side of investor protection and financial stability rather than rely on a 'buyer beware' regulatory regime".

The conventional financial system and the regulatory system need to be re-examined. Status-quo reversion to the old system is unacceptable.

Even as there are signs of "green shoots" in the global economy, and that Keynesian policies and stimulus packages around the world are beginning to produce results, it is too early to stop government spending.

In fact, Krugman said, there was still room for Washington to increase spending to boost growth despite concerns over its swollen budget deficit.

Alternatives must be considered. Islamic finance, which has not been impacted by the ongoing crisis, offers one. Raja Nazrin noted that Islamic finance had borrowed from conventional finance in terms of products and "the time has come where the flow of information and knowledge can and should flow the other way".

Islamic finance can help create an infrastructure of honesty, fairness and integrity -- qualities that have taken a severe beating in the current crisis.

"At its heart, Islamic finance is an inspiration towards good finance (and) good finance is about trust," Raja Nazrin said, "and trust is a cornerstone of stability... Islamic finance can help break the vicious cycle of boom and bust that has come to characterise global finance".

Trust must be restored. The centuries-old motto, "my word is my bond", must ring true again. In today's interdependent world, "finance is not delineated by the boundaries of a city or even a country".

The challenge and the goal of the Islamic finance industry, if it is to play an important role, should be to integrate into the global financial system.

At the same time, global finance must open its doors to Islamic finance.

Republished from NST

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another round of discrimination in France

France’s struggle with Islamic dress has moved into the swimming pool after a 35-year-old woman was banned from bathing in her “burkini”, a head-to-toe swimsuit.

The woman, identified only as Carole, was making her third outing in a burkini to the town pool at Emerainville, on the eastern outskirts of Paris, when the chief lifeguard ordered her to leave.

She was said to be breaking hygiene rules, but her ejection has become the latest episode in a battle between fundamentalist Muslims and a state that has banned head-cover from schools and may curb face-covering in public...

Excerpt from The Times

Ustaz Asri kembali ke rahmatullah

Allahyarham (dua dari kiri, bawah) ketika bersama anggota Rabbani yang lain pada dua hari lalu ketika majlis sidang media dan memeterai satu lagi perjanjian kerjasama bersama Hotel Singgahsana untuk terus membuat persembahan di hotel tersebut sepanjang bulan ramadan yang bakal tiba nanti. -foto The Star

Vokalis kumpulan nasyid Rabbani, Ustaz Mohd Asri Ibrahim, 40, disahkan meninggal dunia kira-kira pukul 10.30 pagi tadi akibat serangan jantung ketika dalam perjalanan ke Hospital Pantai, Bangsar.

Menurut salah seorang anggota Rabbani, Mohd. Asri Baidul @ Ubaidullah, arwah jatuh pengsan semasa memberikan ucapan dalam sidang media program 'Syahadah' di Angkasapuri, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) kira-kira pukul 10 pagi tadi.

Sekarang, jenazah sedang dimandikan dan dikafankan di hospital itu sebelum dibawa ke rumah arwah di Jalan Ikan Keli, Kampung Bukit Lanchong, Shah Alam untuk dikebumikan sebelum Asar.

Nik Aziz membisu apabila Islam dihina

Mursyidul Am Pas Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat tidak membantah apabila segelintir pemimpin DAP menghina Islam kerana parti itu bukan parti Islam dan kefahaman mereka terhadap Islam mungkin tidak mendalam.

Beliau sebaliknya menyalahkan sikap pemimpin Islam yang menolak ajaran Islam sehingga agama itu tercemar dan telah disalah ertikan kesuciannya oleh mereka yang bukan Islam.

"DAP kalau hina Islam pasal dia bukan Islam. Yang orang Islam tolak Islam itu lebih menghina Islam," katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini ketika diminta mengulas tindak tanduk beberapa pemimpin DAP kebelakangan ini yang dilihat menghina Islam.

Nik Aziz berkata untuk meningkatkan kefahaman DAP terhadap Islam, Pas sebagai rakan kepada DAP dalam pakatan pembangkang, mengambil pendekatan memberi penerangan kepada pemimpinpemimpin parti itu supaya mereka lebih memahami Islam.

"Kita mendekati mereka melalui forum, wacana dan perbincangan," katanya.

Nik Aziz juga mempertikaikan tindakan pihak tertentu yang melabelkan penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai pengkhianat.

Sebaliknya beliau berkata perkara yang patut dipertikaikan adalah jika berlaku kepincangan dalam pelaksanaan dasar PKR dan bukannya membuat serangan peribadi.

"Kenapa nak serang batang tubuh orang. Sepatutnya seranglah dasar PKR. Saya rasa malu dengan orang Melayu sekarang yang menyerang batang tubuh orang," katanya.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Dan seperti diramalkan...

(Kemaskini )

Seperti diramalkan dalam posting awal hari ini, Loke Siew Fook telah menafikan tahu menahu tentang blog yang dikatakan menghina Islam dan Sultan Perak.

Dia mendakwa menjadi mangsa fitnah pihak yang juga berhasrat memburukkan nama Pemuda DAP.

Loke yang mengposkan penafian tersebut di blog 'Rocky Bru' juga berkata dia akan membuat laporan polis berhubung perkara tersebut.

Kita tunggu dan lihat apa taktik seterusnya...

Taktik gerila Loke Siew Fook mencabar Melayu dan hina Sultan Perak

Dia dikatakan menyiarkan kenyataan berbaur hasutan dan penderhakaan terhadap Sultan Perak...

Belum pun lagi post tersebut menjadi mantap, sekadar mencuit perasaan seorang dua yang kebetulan terserempak dengan kenyataan tersebut, dia terus membatalkan posting.

Ini cara gerila. Cara pengganas beroperasi...bezanya dia menggunakan undang-undang kononnya tiada 'tangible' proof atau setidak-tidaknya mengaku tidak melakukannya...

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jeff Ooi & JIM : Is that all?

The Penang CM reiterated the state govt's stand that JIM was not an extremist Islamic organisation, and so the case is considered closed? - Just like that?

Hell, as a responsible people's rep and the CM's Chief of Staff, Jeff Ooi MUST apologise. No two ways about it!

You can hide but you cant run away from yourself, Jeff. Be a man and have the guts to face up to your mistake. If you think JIM was indeed the organisation you meant  in your earlier statement, stand by it, even if you have to go against your boss and be expelled.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alkohol di kawasan majoriti Muslim : alasan tak masuk akal...

Selepas DAP dan Ronnie Liu, kini Datuk Ti dari MCA pula bertegas dgn pendirian kononnya enakmen Islam tidak boleh
'memangsakan' bukan Islam berhubung isu jualan alkohol di kawasan majoriti Islam.

Ini jelas menunjukkan betapa sempit pemikiran mereka - undang-undang ditafsirkan secara membuta tanpa mengambil
kira keadaan sosial setempat.

Datuk Ti berkata ia sengaja dilakukan di atas alasan sentimen muslim. Soalan: Di Saudi dan bnyk negara Islam yg juga didiami bukan Islam, mereka akur dgn peraturan ini. Bukan Islam boleh mendapatkannya dari luar kawasan. Tak ada masalah,tapi kedai di kawasan muslim tidak dibenarkan menjual minuman haram!

Alasan Hassan Ali memang blh diterima akal. Alkohol antara elemen negatif dalam masyarakat. Walaupun dibenarkan ia tidak digalakkan oleh pihak berkuasa.

Apakah pendirian DAP begitu ghairah memperjuangkan kebebasan alkohol di atas nama keadilan sosial?

Al-fatihah : Rendra kembali ke rahmatullah



- dipetik daripada Sajak Seorang Tua Dibawah Pokok, Okt 1977

Wilibrodus Suleiman Rendra, 74 tahun yang dikenali sebagai Wahyu Sulaiman Rendra setelah memeluk Islam pada Ogos 1970, menghembus nafas terakhir di sebuah hospital di Jakarta semalam berikutan sakit jantung.

Rendra antara penyair kontemporari paling unggul Indonesia.

Allahyarham meninggalkan 11 orang anak daripada tiga isteri. Jenazahnya dikebumikan di Bengkel Teater, Citayam, Depok, Jakarta.

Rendra pernah menerima beberapa anugerah sastera, termasuk Penghargaan Adam Malik 1989, SEA Write Award 1996 dan Penghargaan Achmad Bakri 2006.

Ronnie melampaui batas

Exco DAP seperti Ronnie Liu berkelakuan macam samseng (mungkin dah memang samseng). Setaraf dengan statusnya sebagai exco dia sepatutnya menggunakan kuasa melalui rundingan dengan pihak atasan, dan bukan mencampuri tugas pelaksanaan dan penguatkuasaan di peringkat implementasi.

Penafsiran kebenaran menjual alkohol di premis kawasan majoriti Muslim tidak boleh diertikan secara literal seperti yang difahami oleh Ronnie.

Dalam setiap akta, skop penafsiran dan terjemahannya perlu dilakukan secara meluas dgn mengambil kira keadaan masyarakat dan impak. Pendekatan ini jarang sekali terdapat pada peguam, aktivis dan ahli politik generasi muda yang belum masak mengerti pelbagai spektrum warna kehidupan.

Hanya pengalaman yg lama dan meluas dapat menentukan minda yang waras. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tongkat lokal, tongkat global

PM Dato' Seri Najib telah mengambil beberapa langkah proaktif bagi meliberalisasikan ekonomi negara dan sekali gus memperkasakan posisi usahawan Malaysia, termasuk orang Melayu di arena perniagaan peringkat global.

Caranya mungkin agak payah dietrima oleh segelintir orang Melayu di peringkat awal, tetapi ia amat perlu. Ia antara lain membuang tongkat yang digunakan selama ini.

Apa yang nyata, tongkat bukan saja perlu dibuang di peringkat tempatan, ia juga perlu dibuang diperingkat global. Ini bermakna sebahagian besar dasar melindungi perniagaan tempatan juga tidak lagi perlu lagi bagi menyamakan dataran di antara pemain global dan pemain tempatan...inilah realiti yang kita perlu terima.