Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who profits from Teoh’s death?

I am among the many who are mad as hell…

Conspiracy theories abound, but the fact is a nice young man could have been made a scapegoat.

Who gets the advantage over this macabre going ons? Well, many among these theorists say almost everyone on the other side of the fence. The triads, DAP, PKR, PAS, NGOs, you name them. If they have no business with BN, they gain.

Its party time with Teoh included. He died but then he is now a martyr. He died in the name of justice, he is the icon of anti-oppression, his ghost will haunt the dogs at MACC, he is the poor man's hero and if he was a Muslim he'd go straight to heaven. He died so that others will live a better life. DAP will probably have a building named after him with a posthumous medal thrown in for good measure.

How did Teoh die?

Either some bastard from MACC shoved him out the window or he killed himself or some tattooed triad member put his kung fu skills to test.

These guys at MACC are masters at extracting information. They put him on the ledge of a window that's about four feet high, less than two feet wide and three feet high and then threatened to let him go. Try doing that and you will understand how almost impossible the task becomes. There are better torture methods with far better yield. What is more plausible is they tortured him to death and in order to cover up threw him out. If that's the case those bastards at MACC deserve the gallows. Simple. Forensic and post-mortem results will quite easily uncover the crime. With independent experts being appointed, the findings will show.

Teoh was getting married the next day so it's unthinkable for him to have killed himself. Running away to Timbuktu may be but to kamikaze because he made the wrong choice, preposterous. Now, what if he was forced to divulge some secrets about the triads. And…oops! he realises his mistake. Sleeping over the problem didn't make it go away so he decides better to go with dignity. And whoops he goes down nine stories.

The third possibility is the work of professionals who are masters at their trade. You come into my territory, you pay. You want to make money, you pay and if you betray, you pay. You pay heavy. These are the sort of guys once you go to bed with, you stay forever. Teoh was probably an innocent machai, a sidekick, who runs around between the bosses. Teoh knew enough to incriminate the underworld so he had to go. They were there waiting for an opportunity to get him. That they did and professional always know how to throw the blame onto others.

Take your pick. There is no right or wrong answer. Only time will tell.

So what's next?

The government takes the rap, business goes on like normal for the triads and Pakatan Rakyat emerges as the champion of the people, again. It's funny how life treats you once the tables are turned around.

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