Thursday, June 18, 2009

PAS: Its ulamas forever...or so it seems

"...In UMNO the Majlis Tertinggi is supreme. But the same can’t be said for PAS “jawatankuasa pusat”. While it is chaired by the president and can decide on many important issues , there’s another body which is higher that the jawatankuasa pusat. That would be the Majlis Syura.

It is a council of leaders, perhaps to show that PAS is governed through a collective political leadership, one which is consultatative and concensus seeking. It’s not dominated by one individual. In it sit both president and Murshidul Am or spiritual leader,

So who’s bigger? Who’s more powerful? President or Murshidul Am? Structure wise it’s the president but then they don’t have a Murshidul Am, spiritual leader for nothing. Again Mustafa’‘s words come to mind. The difference is vague.

But one thing’s for sure. In PAS, ulamas are in control. Always have been and always will be..."

Excerpt from a piece by Mohsin Abdullah, Editor-in-Chief NTV7 & 8TV

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