Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health authorities doing their best - kudos!

Some people have misjudged the health authorities. Based on the experience with SARS, the MOH handled it very well.

Presently, MOH is doing its very best, putting their lives in the frontlines.

Imagine barring anyone from the affected countries into Malaysia at the entry points? What will be the political & economic impact? Imagine persuading someone who has fever at the entry point to go to hospital? How can they enforce, when these patients abuse you verbally, when there is no political will to make people obey the law ( not forgetting, even health staff get sued nowadays).

MOH is doing its best, even putting staff lives and that of their families) on the line. How to get the best result, they can't enforce it (that's where the law and the police come in, and the police get sued left and right...for almost anything they do!, but lawyers make more money). Hence, MOH give  advise, plead for your coorperation, ask us to obey instructions. They treat us when we are sick, and do follow-up on you when we leave. All they ask if the public can be more responsible. They are not perfect. They do make mistakes. They are humans, too. 

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