Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ingrates in MCA

Ain't it obvious that the Chinese come together when it hits them right on the nose? All Chinese papers see Muhyiddin's comments as something negative. MCA, Gerakan and DAP also hopped on the band wagon to hit out at Muhyiddin. Differences of opinions aside and unite in the name of race. Just look at how the Chinese come together when confronted with issues that is related to their race. At the same time MIC, too, is pressing for important posts in the Cabinet. All these are happening when the Malays are seemingly weak and divided. If the Malays are strong will they have the audacity and resoluteness to put forth outrageous demands?

Yip Sun Onn (assembyman for Titi Tinggi, Perlis) won his seat as the people's representative with the support and votes from the Malays in the last general election. Many of the Malays in that constituency never really knew who Yip was before standing in Titi Tinggi. Although Yip never mixed with the Malays, nevertheless, the Malays still supported and voted for him. They chose him in the spirit of brotherhood in Barisan Nasional. Although he had on at least one occasion said things which could have hurt the Malays during his campaign, the Malays still helped him. They climbed posts and trees, stuck posters all over and went out of their way to speak in support of him.

Sadly, upon winning the seat at Titi Tinggi dan appointed Perlis State Exco, Yip began to show his true colours. He brashly interfered with the appointment of the JKKK for Titi Tinggi, where the majoriti is Malays. Yip brushed aside the democratic voice of the kampung folks who had wanted the UMNO branch chief to be the head. Yip unilaterally appointed the JKKK without the consent of the villagers, and caused a protracted division of the community. Was it Yip's right to determine members of the JKKK, which is tradisionally is chosen from the pool that is the UMNO branch committee?

The Malays of Titi Tinggi are not beggars. Mr MCA President, please take note of this case. Before you forge ahead with your populist demands, pray look back and ensure that MCA YBs are beyond reproach. Please go to Titi Tinggi and ask the Malays there. They were forced to chose an incapable candidate, that is Yip. If not because of Malay votes, don't even for a second think that MCA would have won the seat. People like Yip only thinks of himelf.

Yip is an example of how an MCA rep is not grateful to the Malays.


Presiden Gabungan Pemimpin Mahasiswa Malaysia (GPMM)

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