Thursday, February 26, 2009

Malaysia an example of unity

I kinda agree with what Information Minister Shabery Cheek said about Malaysia being an examplary united multi-racial country. Not perfect, but we're there no less. Never mind the detractors and the scathing remarks you read on the blogs, what matters is what the ordinary folks want: they just wanna live and let live...

Political infighting aside, you as a Joe Malaysia want this country intact...and thats what matters...

"Malaysians may come from various ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and may have to work hard at achieving unity but they are always mindful of the need to co-exist peacefully despite their differences, Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said today.

He said Malaysian leaders were also aware of the need to have a strong and united Malaysia and were therefore always working to perfect the dream.

"Malaysia may not be the best model (of a perfectly united country) but we do have something to show for our unity and tolerance for each other, as an example of diversity does not mean disunity" – Shabery Cheek.

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