Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Liz Wong must go...

The following excerpt from Sheikh (Kickdefella) holds true for what it seems are trying times for Councillor/YB Elizabeth Wong:

"...Lizzie should go. At least let go of the State Executive Councillor position. The question of morale cannot be let hanging at the entrance of door.

Nevertheless, the most ideal way is for Lizzie to look deep into her and ask the question whether she can continue to perform under current situation. Next will be whether her colleagues will not be affected by the current expose and third, how the situation is taken by her constituents

Lizzie cannot afford to be self-thinking. As a representative, she should base her decision on those who she represents.

As a politician, Lizzie lost her right to decide for her future, her priority now is to decide for the future of her political party, their partners and their supporters..."

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