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The end for Pakatan and Anwar: "...and in the end the love you get is equal to the love..."

PAS victory at the Kuala Terengganu by-election managed to save Anwar the embarrassment from his futile attempt to psyche MPs to crossover to Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

September 16th crossover didn’t materialise. His reputation shattered but he could salvage some blame on Abdullah Badawi and Pengiran Pendikar Amin Mulia. The former for refusing to meet and discuss power handover. The later for turning down a motion for a vote of no confidence at the Dewan Rakyat.

As soon as he was about to get into Act II of his crossover drama, one event after another befall on him.

The walls are beginning to crash in on Anwar. He is losing his plot. Many turn of events will effect badly on his political plan.

The curtain is slowly closing on Anwar.

His PR coalition lost the Perak state Government.

Two by-election elections are on the card. But the disappearance of independent turned PKR assemblymen for Bukit Selambau, Arumugam remains a mystery. The other being Parliamentary seat of Bukit Gantang following the death of PAS Roslan Shaharum, a day after Pakatan lost the state Government.

The defiant emotional reaction and derhaka spectacle against the Sultan by former Menteri Besar Nizar, exco members, Karpal Singh, and supporters and abuse of power by the house speaker will only lead to an eventual erosion of confidence by the public.

Anwar left the scene immediately for a conference in Qatar after announcing PR will not sue the Sultan. Karpal Singh had to be left isolated by both Pakatan and DAP for fear insistence to sue the Sultan will have a damaging effect from Malay voters.

He must be hoping the lawsuit against Zambery, though expected to be thrown out, could him some political capital.

On his return, the distribution of nude pictures of Bukit Lanjan Selangor Assemblymen, Elizabeth Wong erupted.

The said pictures are believed to be leaked only to The Sun and Malay Mail. None of the explicit pictures are in cirpulation on the Blogosphere.

Anwar tried to lay blame on Barisan Nasional and some party members was making accusation at Khir Toyo for requesting Eli’s resignation. That was cheap shot.

Eli Wong has the sympathy of many and is a victim. Her right to privacy was infringed on. But who victimised her?

While all eyes are in search of former boyfriend Helmi Malek, many did not twitch an eyebrow to notice the attempt to unfold a drama by Anwar.

The day the news broke in Malay Mail on Monday, Eli Wong made a statement insisting to fight on. She is staying. By next day Tuesday, she changed her mind to offer her resignation.

Anwar and Khalid insist she not do so and Khalid suggested she take leave. Eli Wong is expected to return on February 27th and a decision on her offer for resignation will be announced.

When asked, Anwar said this is too soon to decide. The delay in decision seemed a ploy for Anwar to take a breather.

Today she insisted it is final on her part. She was reported saying it is to avoid further information of her private life being further explored.

It seemed behind the public eyes is an internal PKR problem looming. Words in the canteen hall of Parliament are that of a conspiracy by Azmin Ali to takeover the Selangor Menteri Besar post from Khalid Ibrahim.

Eli Wong, as told by one source, is a collateral damage in Azmin’s attempt to embarrass Khalid.

It is said that Helmi is not Azmin’s cameraman nor is Gwo Burne, just kidding. There is another Malay name that cropped up. One PKR party worker with a name also ending with the ending syllable 'mi'.

Did Eli Wong have another Malay boyfriend after Helmi? That is none of our business and she is a single lady. She is seen by many in the company of a Singapore-based PKR supporter-academician. Another is a writer son to a PKR lawyer. It’s her life.

Azmin, known to many is a blue-eyed boy of Anwar. The other, Ezam left to rejoin UMNO after being disfavoured by Anwar.

Did Anwar require that extra time from Eli Wong to handle this delicate situation between his blue-eye boy Azmin and financial supporter Khalid? Anwar’s office is at Khalid’s old PJ Section 6 bungalow.

Another twist to the Eli Wong affair is Tian Chua who release an outburst at an Agendadaily reporter should they seek to ask about his relation with Eli Wong.

As one SMS from one Chinese PKR member reads, Tian Chua recently broke off from his Hong Kong fiance, Mable Au, an activist with the Asian Women Committee based in Bangkok.

These activists dominating PKR have been getting on the nerve of many of its loyal members. The reformasi supporters of 2000 are also defecting pissed from the presence of many former corporate players and recent newcomers.

To salvage the present situation, Anwar put up a drama in Parliament on Wednesday claiming one PKR Assemblymen Lim had worked with ACA to nab on former Kedah MB, Mahadzir Khalid attempting to offer bribe to defect. The blame is ACA did not make a case out of it.

That was not convincing enough for the increasing number of Anwar skeptics. Khalid tried to create a distraction to announce suing Khir Toyo for defamation for revealing impropriety in his car maintenance claims and cattle korban.

If that was not convincing enough as distraction, Anwar made a police report on Gani Patail and Musa Hasan today.

But a bomb went off today.

SPRM, the new corruption agency, a proposal supported loudly by Pakatan Rakyat in parliament at the last sitting, announced there are sufficient document to charge Selangor MB, Khalid Ibrahim.

What will Anwar think of next?

He knows very well if it is not handled well, it could spillover to the two by-elections of Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. SPR announced if Eli Wong resigns soon, the Bukit Lanjan by-election will be held on the same day on April 7th.

Is there sufficient PKR resource and manpower to spread around?

To be or not to be. That is the question for Anwar.

Still hanging is his sodomy case with Saiful believed widely to be a sure done deal when trial begins.

Pondering over the mind of many is the scene of PAS Muslimah’s presence in support and hugging during Eli Wong's press conference. Many conservatives in Pas would raising their eyebrow over this sight of comradeship with one deemed as of suspicious morality.

How much longer could PAS tolerate PKR deviating them from their Islamic state objective?

In fact, a coalition with UMNO, which is in need for political survival, would further their Islamic state cause than being in coalition with DAP and aimless PKR?

Should PAS continue to defend and share its resources and machinery with a party increasingly building a new reputation as appropriately described by another acronym to PKR, Parti Kelentong Rakyat?

Save for the vulgar versions.

A PAS crossover should not be discounted. Lets not forget that Pak Lah had a Nik Aziz described Muqabalah with PAS leaders. They have a backstage exit if party members agree.

If that were to happen, an UMNO-PAS truce or coalition to many Malays is the next best thing to MNP’s Melayu Raya dream. This will enhanced the much said notion that Malays will unite when theya re in trouble.

When Malays unite, it provides political stability to the country.

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