Monday, December 15, 2008

Hypocrites in a class of their own!

The middle class Malay perspective of Ketuanan Melayu as culled by Huzir Sulaiman in The Star reeks of hypocrisy.

The respondents who claim indifference or rejection of the concept only reflect their shallow mindset pertaining to the preservation of Malay rights and right to rightful authority.

Although they see it erroneously as racism it only shows their ignorance of our history and the entrenched political and social conventions of the land, which carry the force of law.

While claiming adherence to the entrenched universal values that all men are created equal, they are blind to their quiet acceptance of their status as 'middle class' Malays to which they belong, albeit unconsciously or inadvertently but still proudly accepting the status of being sons and daughters of Datuks,Tan Sris and technocrats.

Therein lies their hypocrisy which they see as placing them 'above' the rest, especially the rural Malays.

It is no wonder that when such Malays flock into UMNO or the public service, the rural Malays reject them as traitors (munafik) and, therefore, reject the government of the day. For as long as there exists an unrepentant and ungrateful Malay Middle class who cannot appreciate the right of the Malay "peasant" to exist as a Malay, Malay dominance will diminish.

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