Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fatwa: Non-Muslims must try to ponder this...

Excerpt from Pak Kadok

"A reality non-Muslims must understand - issues relating to Islam that does not infringe upon their rights is best left to Muslim groups.

The protest involving non-Muslim protestors recently against the tomboy fatwa is an example. Similarly, there were also grumblings by certain politicians on the yoga fatwa.

No one is saying non-Muslims cannot practise yoga. If non-Muslims want to be lesbians or tomboys, so be it. These fatwas are unlike Muslim groups or the Kelantan PAS government calling for the blanket ban of concerts, nightspots, gender segregated check-outs at supermarkets or wayang kulits, which would affect the rights of non-Muslims.

NGOs, especially headed by non-Muslims, must learn to be sensitive."

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