Thursday, September 11, 2008

Royals need more power to protect Malay interests

The Tengku Mahkota of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, wants UMNO to make efforts to strengthen the institution of the Malay rulers to enhance its role as the protector of the people, especially the Malays, and Islam.

"It's not that we want more power but we need to study (the matter) so that this institution is not humiliated, mocked or belittled by anyone," he said in an exclusive interview with Khabar Pahang, the state government's official newspaper.

He said the abolition of the immunity of the rulers some time ago had indirectly given the impression that the institution was not on a sound footing and could become irrelevant.

But everyone should realise that the institution of the Malay rulers had played an effective role in the country's development, he said.

He said that while the nation's leaders were fighting for independence, the representatives of the Malay rulers had also participated, including in the talks in London.

In this context, it was not a question of who had more power, the executive, the government of the day or the institution of rulers but rather, of the Malay rulers and the ruling party having the spirit to co-exist so that the well-being and sovereignty of the nation were preserved at all times, he added.

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