Saturday, October 20, 2007

Child Alert System

It is good to know that an initiative for a child alert system mooted by Nuraina Samad in her blog sometime back has received positive response. Based on the American system, Amber Alert, the Nurin Alert system as envisioned by Nurin's uncle, Jazlin, may very well be a manifestation of a wholesome programme to facilitate the search and rescue process in the event of a lost child report.

Prior to this, about two years ago, this blogger had come out with a similar idea named GERAK AWAM, which was submitted to the Malaysian police through some people but came to nothing. I don't know whether it got lost in the convoluted proposal submitting system or received but found its way into oblivion in some musty store room somewhere.

Anyway, my programme is a comprehensive link-up of a web portal with a nationwide satellite child tracking system that uses nanotechnology in the form of the RFID (Radio Frequency Integrated Digital Device). As an adjuct to this 'base' setup, the system would also link to the Short Messaging System (SMS) and other modes of connectivity.

Now, with the Nurin Alert programme attracting certain attention, I do hope my programme would again be revisited. I would gladly help invoke its use should Nurin Alert require further enhancements.

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