Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wastage for unecessary ceremonies

When Pak Lah took over the reins of the country's premiership from Tun Mahathir, I was among the thousands who waited with abated breath following his promises to alleviate wastage and steer our civil service to a higher level of integrity and efficacy.

It was, indeed, heart-warming when during his early days he called for less wastage on ceremonies for ministerial functions and the like. He said it was not necessary to spend on ordering expensive corsages to pin on the shirts of VIPs (only to be thrown away soon after) and check indulgence on food spreads (how much can the VIPS eat in any day?)

Now, after three years and his seat has warmed enough, I still remember his reminders for austerity. Most of it have come to nought. Its back to the old ways of splurging on unneccessaries again.

At functions across the country daily we still see people waiting hours for a function to start while the fiscal calculator of event organisers ticked away happily. We see even more corsages being ordered to weigh-down the the already harrased VIPs eager to get it over with and hop to another re-enactment of the same scenario elsewhere.

It would be good if we can revisit such reminder from Pak Lah.

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