Monday, June 29, 2015

Pretending That We Are Still the Same...

We often read writings that reminisce childhood days in Malaysia. Those were days mostly full of joy, treading pitfalls of learning and growing up. We went to school almost colour blind. Our best friends were not necessarily from our own race, but who cares?

We thumb our chest that we have been there and done that. We had grasped the true meaning of One Malaysia long before it became a pseudo-political branding.

When we have our school and class reunion, we try to catch up with long lost friends, but do we notice the difference? Yes, there are differences in outlook, awareness and sensivities, but for 'old time sake', we are more inclined to put them all aside and enjoy the moment.

The truth lingers. Most of us have changed. It is a fact. In a life's journey of self-discovery we change, spiritually, morally, too, if you wish. These are differences that play a crucial role in the daily dimension of brinkmanship that we tread today.

Yes, we have mostly outlived our childhood 'blindness' to a more bizarre form of sensory affliction but we try to hold on to vestiges of years past. We have changed.

For the pacifist and practical, especially those from mixed marriages and plural family bonds, it is mostly about pretence and carrying on as if things have not changed, although they have. To many others beyond our circle, that's tolerance but not acceptance. We defend it all hands and teeth if by destiny our spouses happens to be not one of our own. We accept and we want others to accept it, too, not just tolerate.

The fact is the change is real, but now it is all about adapting and carrying on, despite the change.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rapuh sungguh prinsip Pemuda PAS

Melihat dari sudut strategi menyeluruh pembangkang, tindakan U-turn Pemuda PAS Pulau Pinang untuk membantu PKR mempertahankan kerusi di Permatang Pauh boleh diterima akal.
Tetapi bagi PAS sendiri ramifikasinya bakal menjangkau jauh selepas ini kerana pastinya di belakang sana, terukir senyuman-senyuman sinis setelah menyaksikan betapa rapuhnya prinsip barisan pemuda parti itu.
Tindakan mereka menambahkan lagi label penghinaan terhadap PAS yang begitu mudah dipelemah.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The distorted believe, or what they want to believe about the 'real' Bumiputera...

It amuses me when some non-Malays are so inclined to claim that the 'real' Bumiputeras are the Orang Asli.

Yes, agreed. That they are Bumiputeras and are rightly deserving of such a status.

However, please be informed that in the days of old, when the emperor of China sent his emissaries to the Malay Peninsula, who did they 'kowtow' to?

Was it not before the Malay rulers? No, they did not prostrate themselves at the court of the alleged 'true' Bumiputeras. For the nomadic and itinerant lifestyle existed without a proper civilisation that could be understood as a country or state of government.

And so, it was before the Malay rulers that the likes of the Chinese, Indians and even British came to implore for favours and permission to trade or dwell.

Think about it.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alternative media, you say?

Hold it! Look at what the so-called alternative press are more inclined to highlight. It's smells nothing less than an agenda to struggle along the lines set, while remaining oblivious to the other issues.
They highlight Islamophobia, reckless liberalism, religious pluralism, labeling/linking of Islam to terrorism and the likes.
They rarely highlight the tragedy of the innocent, including women and children in Palestine and Rohingya, for example, but they are very much aware of the plight of the same elsewhere in the Middle East, so long as it can be used to the max as ammo to bash Islam.
They are swift to publish ideas and comments that attack alleged 'rigidity' of the religion - ideas that fortify and confirm accusations of Islam's perceived backwardness.
Considering such stance, it is easy to see where they are coming from...
-- LV

The illusion of Human Rights...

The times have changed. It is starkly staring us in the face. Why, we are even enveloped in it's wanting embrace, but save for a whimper here and there and questioning looks, we are still stuck fast to the norms of old.

We cry out for human rights, but we fail to move our senses in all directions to realise that such inalienable rights must weave, meander and mould their shape according to the provinces of human greed that never fail to alienate the helpless and powerless.

For us, that day in December lauded as a day to commemorate and celebrate human rights is a universal symbol set by the mortal and limited minds of men. We see equal sharing of almost everything as human rights, but that, surely is not so.

Times have changed but have we learned from the movement wrought by the sands of time? We think we have, for we think there should no dunes but a flat surface that we perceive as symbol of equality and fairness. No, we are mere mortals, the winds of time ravage and shape us. There is no stopping that almighty force.


-- LV

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Often times nowadays we hear of groups pushing for the cloistered walls of houses of worship belonging to different religions be torn down and allow worshippers across the religious divide to do their worshipping in the prayer vestibule of other faiths.
Most of these seem to be directed at Islam and mosques, cross dividing at times, with churches.
Besides churches, will temples of certain faiths allow LGBTs in shorts, bikinis , thongs or even nothing on their bodies inside? Pray, answer to this.
Why, even the LGBTs, the atheists and ultra liberals see their conviction as much as as others would look at religion. So, do please allow them in to behave as they please according to their bizzare narcissitic beliefs. Is that not freedom and liberalism?
If the answer is no, BACK-OFF from harping on Islam and Muslims.
- LV

In the name of freedom?

It is aggression through and through in the guise of freedom of expression and pluralism in religion. They relentlessly push through their one size fits all agenda to open up the dominion of Islamic faith, by comparing the ways practiced by other sects, without understanding the myriad rudiments.
They refrain from accepting and converting to Islam, and Islam does not compel them to do so, although they have been callous instances in the name of Islam to apply force in this matter. Verily, that is not Islam - it is terrorism using Islam as veil.
Without giving regards to decorum asnd sensitivity to those who profess the faith, they persist to water down the ordained rules of the Almighty. What for? Clearly, this is questionable and only points to a dark agenda of attrition and destruction, so that they will have their way.
That is what we see before us today...